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About TOAST.net

TOAST.net Headquarters, Toledo, OH

TOAST.net is a national Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquartered in Toledo, OH. We started in 1996 offering dial-up access, web site hosting, and email for businesses. We were one of the first ISPs in the country to offer 56K dial-up.

In 2002 we started selling broadband DSL and continued with our philosophy of offering superior customer service when many of our competitors were moving their call centers overseas.

In 2010 we started offering mobile wireless as we felt that was the next step in the evolution of Internet access. We currently have thousands of customers throughout the United States.

Our business division offers Cloud services including web site design and hosting, hosted email, and managed security including anti-virus and online backup. See www.toast.net for more information.

TOAST.net has been offering Internet services for over 20 years and we're confident that we can give you reliable service at an affordable price.

 Have a question?    Call: 419-292-2200 OR 888-862-7863    |    Email: sales@toast.net

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