No Contract

Benefits of No Contract Plans

There are many choices when it comes to choosing your wireless mobile broadband (Hotspot) carrier. There are prepaid plans, postpaid plans, contract plans, pay-as-you-go plans and no contract monthly plans.  Each plan offers distinct advantages for different uses and situations. offers no contract mobile hotspot monthly plans because it offers customers the most in flexibility with regards to controlling cost, activation of service, and the best advantage of no contract mobile hotspots is that these plans do not require a credit check .

Benefits of monthly plans:

  • Control your monthly cost
  • No long-term contract
  • No cancellation fees
  • Activate when needed
  • Own your own equipment

With no contract plans, you choose your data plan allowing you to control your cost . You can upgrade or downgrade based on how you plan to use your plan that month. This is a convenient option if you have family come visit, or take an extended vacation where you need more data. When you return to your normal use, downgrade appropriately with no service fees.

Traditional data plans from the 3 major carriers require long-term contracts with steep penalties for canceling early in exchange for discounted or free hardware. This means you are required to stay with the data plan you initially sign up with for the contract term, normally two years. If you want to change your data plan, a new term would begin.

With no contract mobile hotspot plans from, you buy your equipment up front so the equipment is yours to keep; no leasing or rental fees will be added to your monthly bill. This also means that there is no long term contract to sign and no cancellation fees .

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