Low-Cost Mobile Hotspot Data Plans

Some wireless providers offer only one data plan and get you to spend money for data that you never use. offers multiple pay-as-you-go mobile broadband data plans -- this allows you to pick the best plan for your needs. And since there's no contract, you can always switch to a different plan if you need more or less data.

3 GB for $30/month
This is a great starter plan for a single computer. Use it to replace a dial-up connection as it's over 100 times faster!
5 GB for $45/month
The 5 GB data plan is good for Internet browsing and email for multiple devices, like a laptop and a tablet.
7 GB for $60/month
With the 7 GB plan, you can have multiple devices and watch a few standard definition videos.
10 GB for $75/month
Our 10GB data plan is great for multiple connections, watching standard definition videos, and heavy internet browsing. Good for multiple users.
15 GB for $100/month
The 15 GB data plan is great for a family. Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously over Wi-Fi for browsing, email and an occasional HD video.

Tracking Your Data

We provide free tools to monitor usage in My Account and on the Start Page. Once you reach 80% of your data plan you will receive a daily usage email. 

If you need help choosing a plan, read these guidelines to help decide.  Also, here's a page that explains data usage.

All plans include:

  • U.S. Based Customer Service. Email, chat, and phone support available with all plans.
  • Customizable Start Page. Manage your account, play games or view your personal email, weather and stocks.
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