Where can you use Toast Wireless?


  • Take the Internet on vacation.   Our mobile hotspot gives you the flexibility to carry your high-speed Internet practically anywhere.
  • Use it in your car, minivan, truck, boat, or RV.   Keep your kids and family entertained for hours.  They can continue to use their smartphones and laptops even when you're driving.  Truckers and campers will love the flexibility of high-speed access at any rest area.
  • Camping is a breeze.   It's cheaper than one time camper access, plus it provides a stronger signal than a centrally located campground hotspot.  It also allows up to 5 devices to connect simultaneously.  When not connected to a power outlet, the mobile hotspot has a 4 hour lithium-ion battery.

    "My husband and I travel a lot in the spring and summer.'s mobile hotspot gives us easy Internet access wherever we go.  He can use his tablet and I can use the laptop.  It's so simple to use and the price is perfect ."

    - Mary W. [Pittsburgh, PA]

    At Home

    • Replace your dial-up connection with a mobile hotspot that's up to 100 times faster and doesn't require a phone line!
    • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to get multiple computers, tablets, etc. online at the same time.

      "Because I live a little outside the city, dialup access was my only choice.  That is until I found out about MiFi .  Now using the Internet is fast and enjoyable.  Plus I can get on with my smartphone at the same time.  Woohoo!"

      - Daniel B. [Austin, TX]

      At Work

      • Perfect for the mobile professional.   Create a virtual office wherever you go.  Give your salesforce the flexibilty of Internet access anywhere.
      • A powerful tool for vendors and exhibitors.   Stay connected to the home office with instant Internet access because there's nothing to setup.  Input and backup potential customer data directly to the cloud.
      • Save money at conventions, hotels, and vacation homes.   Stop paying high-priced one-time access costs, as well as monthly fees on landlines that don't get used on a regular basis.
        "Our sales and marketing staff meets at various locations like restaurants, hotels, and customer sites.  Free Wi-Fi is not always available so the TOAST MiFi gives us the control and it works like a charm. "

        - Rick H. [Sacramento, CA]

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