Help Choosing A Plan

Help Choosing a Plan

1. Start Small

Our 5 GB plan is a great place to start as it works well for most users. You can always upgrade to a higher plan, even if you've already exceeded the data in your current plan!

2. Calculate Actual Usage

When you visit a web page, send email, watch a movie, etc. your device is sending and receiving data. This is the data measured for your plan. Some activities like watching videos require a large amount of data. Here are some typical online activities and the recommended data plans.

5 GB Plan - Typical Data Usage

5,000 Emails (Sent/Received)
45 Hours Browsing
500 Social Media Posts
15 Hours Standard Video Streaming
30 Music Downloads

10 GB Plan - Typical Data Usage

10,000 Emails (Sent/Received) 
  90 Hours Browsing 
  1000 Social Media Posts 
  30 Hours Standard Video Streaming 
60 Music Downloads

Data used per service guidelines:

  • 1 Hour Surfing the Web ( 15MB )
  • 1 Social Media Post with Photo ( 500KB )
  • Email without Attachment ( 35KB )
  • Email with Standard A ttachment ( 300KB )
  • 1 Song Download  ( 4MB )
  • 1 Hour Streaming Video ( 300MB )
  • 1 Hour Streaming HD Video ( 600MB )
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